After Midnight

So, typically after midnight I do a few things before eventually making it to bed. 

  1. Listen to music
  2. Watch Night Gallery
  3. Workout

Sometimes (like…all of this week ☺️ hey, I blame the upcoming full moon) I get caught up or feel too drained to workout and end up spending the evening watching Over Nightmares on MeTV (I love MeTV btw) and listening to music. 

I typically listen to a bit of everything but I really gravitate towards Industrial. I LOVE Military EBM and Noise! It soothes my dark little heart in a special way. ☺️💙

Anyways, one of my favorite bands is Terrorfakt and I seriously can’t stop listening to the Teeth Grinder album. If you like noise and EBM, or you have no clue and want to check it out, I highly recommend Terrorfakt as a starting point. Fantastic stuff. 💙

When I finally do get to bed I usually stay up watching creepy videos on YouTube. Some of my favorites come from Lazy Masquerade who reads creepy true stories submitted by subscribers, and  others found on the “Let’s not meet” thread on Reddit. I ended up subscribing a few months ago and I typically binge watch his videos until 5AM on the weekends! Love it! 😏 

This video about creepy obsessed stalkers was really great nightmare fuel. Then again, I have a soft spot in my heart for creepy stalkers. ☺️💙🔪

Enjoy and let me know how your night was!  




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