Killer Weekend

I know, I’m late to share the events of yesterday!

But there was so much and I was so tired and… and… yeah.πŸ˜”

Forgive me.😁

So, yesterday I went out with one of my favorite friends to lunch and then did some shopping. Two of my favorite things in one day! I can hardly stand it!πŸ˜†

I managed to find awesome Halloween craft paper on sale! πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒThese Halloween MAMBI Sheets are seriously gorgeous! It’s a notepad full of a variety of huge 12×12 cardstock sheets. The cardstock isn’t super thick which makes this ideal for scrapbooking, paper mache  and card crafts- all wonderful hobbies!


Our trip subsequently took us to Ulta where I picked up some nail art brushes to take my nail art game to the next level (will talk more about those in another post).😏

I also discovered a really great new brand called Revolution. It’s a London based makeup brand with some really affordable price points. Now, I love expensive makeup as much as the next cold-blooded female, but sometimes, you don’t want to spend copious amounts of cash on something you’re not sure you’ll love.☺️

So, this pallet and other cosmetics from Revolution are reasonably priced and I thought I’d give them a go.


I am so glad I picked this up! 18 colors all shades that totally agree with yours truly (and that packaging… I mean… how could I say no)!😏


The Salvation Palette is probably my new go-to for eyeshadow. Not only does the formula get along with my sometimes sensitive skin, but the pigments are pretty great quality. Mind you, I have fair skin, but I’ve still experienced my share of shitty eyeshadow that absorbs right into my body like every taco I’ve ever eaten.🍴

These look amazing and seem to last. I gave the two gold tones in the middle a try which turned into a warm golden smokey eye that I loved. Great stuff!πŸ’œ

So, this weekend was great fun!

Tell me: What did you do this weekend??😌




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