After Midnight No. 5

I fell asleep and woke up so disoriented about what day and time it was.

That’s how you know it’s a good nap.😏

Anyways, I spent some time on Pinterest looking at some of my boards and I had forgotten that I pinned this beauty.

Yes, that’s a vampire slaying kit from back in the day (although there’s always a chance this is a really amazing reproduction) and I need it! ☺️


Fun Fact: I am sanguivoriphobic, meaning I’m afraid of vampires. This fear stems from an amazing, obscure book I read called Vampires Are, by the late Dr. Stephen Kaplan.

Truth be told, I’ve always loved Cryptozoology, but I have a pretty sound interest in Vampirology. When possible I read as much on the subject as I can and have gathered a nice little library from it. ☺️


In other news, I also saw this on Pinterest and swooned a little. I think I might put one of these together to send to my Godfather up north. ☺️


I’m also considering maybe putting one together to send to one of my subscribers here on WordPress!

What do you guys think? Would it be neat to get one of these adorable countdown boxes?

I love you, and I hope you subscribe, so I can subscribe and stalk all your posts.❀️πŸ”ͺ😏





  1. Speaking of cryptozoology (we were, weren’t we?), I visited the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, last week. Now, consider the challenges of putting together a cryptozoology museum . . . and you’ll get an idea of what your $7 will get you.

    Still, I can say I visited the International Cryptozoology Museum without just fibbing in order to dazzle people.

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    • Holy shit, I didn’t even know there was an International Cryptozoology museum! πŸ˜€ Was it legit and interesting or more like a cheap sideshow at the fair? ☺️
      Down here in Florida we have the Skunkape Research Headquarters out in the swamp. They have some interesting souvenirs for sale and the people are about as southern as you get. I love it and it’s only about an hour or so away! πŸ’œ
      They have a website I believe, regardless they’re in Ochopee, Florida and I highly recommend visiting them if you make it to Florida ever! ☺️


  2. Well, the International Cryptozoology Museum starts out legit with a display of species that had been deemed cryptids — but that were later proven to exist. After that, it’s a bit like a passionate eccentric’s attic. Not much actual evidence, as I guess one should expect. Instead, there’s a lot of popular culture stuff. (It seems Bigfoot was once featured on The Six-Million Dollar Man!)

    Let’s just say I’m glad I went, since I was in lovely Portland, anyway — but I don’t think I’ll be going back.

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    • Haha! Nice! I’ll have to do a post about the Skunkape place down here. I feel it’s probably about the same caliber of the museum you visited… If not a bit more kitschy haha☺️

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