Look of the Day: Moon Maven

So, today was a bit of a cluster. I went to sleep so late, but I seriously slept the best I slept in a while… I mean… I woke up with a va-va of drool! It was great!😁 Slightly unsettling dreams but I’m willing to look past that considering I feel well-rested today.πŸ’œ Fun Fact: I’m not only a professional insomniac, but I also have Hypnagogia (auditory). Which is certainly on the far more interesting end of the sleep disorder spectrum.πŸ˜€ In other news, I spent most of my day experimenting with nail art techniques and responding to all of the amazing feedback I’ve received on posts in the last 24hrs!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ I love you all and I hope you like the stuff you see here enough to share with your audience and friends.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Anyways, I had intended to share earlier in the day, and even set aside this set last night but just didn’t get to it until now. Forgive me.☺️ We had a gorgeous moon hugging the horizon last night and I felt compelled to share this look with you today. Consider it a tribute to thee, Lady Luna!🌝

LOTD: Moon Maven

Shop this look now at Polyvore.com!

I love all things moon-related… especially cheese. But, I do love Moonglow Jewelry nearly as much. I heard about the Moonglow brand from a friend who bought one of their charming necklaces at a Ren Faire. Now, I know you may be thinking: “Well shit, Sarah… these seem pretty plain-jane to me… what’s so special about this, I mean really… I’m bored as fuhhhh.”πŸ˜’

New zodiac copy

I promise, these are anything but boring.😏 Moonglow jewelry is fully customizable so that you can have any moon phase you’d like displayed on your charm. Not only can you customize a piece of jewelry to signify any special occasion in history, but these beautiful pieces also glow in the dark (hence the glow in Moonglow).πŸ‘πŸ» And that alone automatically makes them better than anything else ever!☺️ I have two of these beauties with the waxing 1st quarter highlighted (birth moon; I have two because I won their awesome Facebook contest and I think there was some kind of mix up and they sent two..? Not sure but I’m not complaining) and I just love them. I usually shorten one up and layer a long sweater chain with it.😍


With that all in mind, I hope you visit their website to see all of the beautiful pieces they have to offer! I’d definitely say this is a wonderfully sentimental and unique gift for any lady or dude (they sell cufflinks and men’s rings too!) in your life!☺️

So what did you think? Digging the look? What moon phase were you born under?🌝




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