Missing Mud Pie, Sage Staple Savior

A good while ago I bought this lovely nailpolish shade at Ulta called Mud Pie. It was like a taupe-meets-brown sort of color… You know… The color of mud basically. ☺️

I LOVED that polish so much. It was my favorite shade and one of my go-to shades aside from black.

Well. As happy as I was with my Mud Pie, the cruel hands of fate twisted their spindly fingers and snatched my happiness away from me.

Mud Pie went missing.😔

I’m a bit anal about where things go so I was flabbergasted that it wasn’t in my nailpolish case.

I turned my room, and world, upside down looking for it to no avail. 😢

I was really sad about it for a while and friends and family searched for the shade at Ulta and elsewhere only to find that it was discontinued.😖

So, after giving up hope, and moving on to other nail polish shades, I stumbled upon this yesterday and gasped.


It’s not identical as it’s more green than brown but it’s extremely close. 😀💜

Hopefully Sage Staple and I can go somewhere together, I’ve loved and lost but I think I’m ready to move on.☺️

Update: I knew the “Vintage Leather” meant something about the texture, but wasn’t expecting it to mean MATTE. I was excited and kind of “meh” at the same time after realizing this. I think it’ll grow on me. 😏👍🏻

Have you ever had a beloved cosmetic disappear or be discontinued? I’m here for you during this trying time.💜




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