You Can’t Leave: Two Extreme Haunts I Will Never Visit 

So, I love Haunts even though they scare the living misery out of me! ☺️ I… Enjoy that kind of action though. 😏

There are two Haunts that I think are brilliant but way too extreme for me, and you would NEVER catch me in either of them.

I’d lose my shit and never recover. ☺️

McKamey Manor

In a nutshell, this San Diego home-based haunt is like living in a Torture Porn, and you’re the star. Russ McKamey, owner and mastermind, built the haunt in his home and holds tours via reservation year round. Currently the waiting list is rumored to be around a few thousand, which I totally believe. ☺️

Check out a video of a walk-through with one of McKamey’s unfortunate victims.😏

[WARNING: The following video includes extremely graphic images that may be disturbing to… Well, normal people. Viewer discretion needed.] 

In McKamey Manor everything short of actual brutalizations and murder is completely possible. As of right now, no one has actually finished the full tour which is 8 hours long. 😳 I’d skip out while just driving up the road. ☺️


Blackout is a sensory based haunt that runs limited shows in select cities on the east and west coast during the Halloween season. This Haunt is similar to McKamey Manor in the sense that it’s extremely physical, however, Blackout maintains that the experience is far more theatrical and psychologically trying. You more or less won’t be covered in blood and screamed at endlessly while being shoved and prodded…

Okay, I lied, you might… But just a little. ☺️

The scariest thing about Blackout is that you must do it alone. Even if you show up with a group of friends you have to walk it completely alone. This Haunt also messes with your mind quite a bit. It’s pitch black and you’re often bound and hooded while being guided through by someone.

Those two things alone are enough to keep me far, far away from this Haunt.☺️👍🏻

Both of these Haunts have received varying amounts of negative press concerning the extreme lengths at which the Haunters go to frighten their guests. Many would argue that this all “goes too far”, but I think it just coincides with modern society’s need for a thrill.

Considering how desensitized we’ve become to a lot of horrible things, these extreme Haunts are designed for those looking for a serious adrenaline rush and psychological challenge. Because this is all done in a controlled environment with professionals who have done it hundreds of times before, and know what they’re doing, I completely approve and applaud how disturbed and bizarre it all is. ☺️

I for one get my thrills elsewhere but as far as Haunts go, these certainly are the cremé de la cremé in terror. 😏👏🏻

What do you guys think, would you ever attend an Extreme Haunt? Would you last in either of these places? ☺️💜





    • Oh, I know right?! It’s terrifying and brutal! Especially McKamey Manor. There’s not a lot of info on what happens inside Blackout per say. But I heard it’s intense ☺️ I don’t think I could walk any of these but I’d totally be okay with running my own extreme Haunt! ☺️ scaring people is fun! 😆

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      • Absolutely, in the case of extreme haunts like that, I’d much rather be on the creation end of things. *shudders* None of that crazy alone in a warehouse in the dark stuff for me thank you! lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Such truth!! 😆 it’s funny too, Russ McKamey admits that he’s actually pretty easy to scare lol, so if he goes into any Haunt as a guest he’s totally freaked! ☺️ I think maybe we less adventurous types are far more in touch with our fear and therefore can create scary things because of it! ☺️ at least… That’s what I’m telling myself lol 😏💜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Actually, I think there’s a lot of truth to that. A lot of horror author is particular are self-confessed wimps. Maybe our penchant for fear is the key to tapping into an exploiting other’s, like you said.

        I dunno, late night thoughts of a horror addict. ^.^

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