Sweet Spooks: An Experiment with Cotton SFX & Update on ‘See Sick’

Along with Alisha’s makeup on Saturday night, I spent some time Sunday working on using cotton.

Cotton is fun ☺️

I had a few experiments I wanted to do beforehand with glue. Including microwaving white glue in strips to create textured pieces to glue on.

NOT my best idea to date.😐

Not only did it spark and catch fire in under 30 seconds in the microwave but it made a mess.😔

This is my proof that just because you saw it on Pinterest, doesn’t mean it’s true. Lesson learned. 😌

So, I took my time and decided to prep cotton strips beforehand for a new makeup.

Looks weird but this gets fleshy after some fussing!

Looks weird but this gets fleshy after some fussing!

This was fun and really easy to do with the strips prepped beforehand.



In the end, it didn’t look exactly how I had hoped, but it was a good first try at something like this and I think I have a better feel for using cotton as a texture now. ☺️


Update on ‘See Sick’: This look received so much positive feedback on Instagram and Facebook! I will say that even though this look isn’t functional in the slightest (remember the glue in my eyes and nearly complete vision impairment? lol), it was extremely aesthetically pleasing to a lot of people. Which makes me happy! Huzzah!

Touch me, I'm #sick. 🔪 This was relentless but for not having any fake #blood and working with stuff I have, this came out great- at least I love the final product that is. ☺️ I think that's all that matters when doing #creative stuff. This wasn't too difficult but I had issues with glue drying and getting in my fucking #eyes. 😖 other than that I'm shocked I was able to add any #makeup after putting the black patches over my eyes lol. ☺️👍🏻 SO! What do you think? Yay or nay? #cosmetics #sfx #specialfx #halloween #horror #gore #disturbing #flesh #awesome #diy #ELF #MAC #Wetnwild #clinique #lacolors #elmersglue #backtoschool 😏 #bruises #veins #infected #zombie #torridmodel #amiprettynow #muashootingstar

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So what do you guys think? What other makeups should I try? Would you all want a tutorial on any of the originals I’ve posted? ☺️





  1. These are so cool – and glad you posted about the ‘fails’ (like you, it IS funny when you see something cool on Pinterest and then you make a fail). LOL. Been there.
    Did the cotton start to itch?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Laura!! ☺️💜 lol, yeah, I actually think my faith in Pinterest was cut down to size as I usually have no issues with what I find on there yknow? But I knew it would happen someday! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, Pinterest!😆 lol
      Actually, no! Surprisingly the cotton was okay! Mind you I did take it off shortly after finishing because it really was so dysfunctional lol but it wasn’t so bad, and I do have sensitive skin so I was surprised it didn’t bother. ☺️🎃

      Liked by 1 person

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