Sweet Spooks: Burns Part Deux

So, I was feeling so crappy yesterday that I immersed myself in YouTube videos and felt inspired to give burns another go. ☺️

Glam and Gore aka Mykie does some of the coolest sfx shit I’ve ever seen! And she makes the tutorials pretty straightforward and easy. 😃 she’s so great, I love it.

I went ahead and tried her burn tutorial and I feel I’m getting better at the technique overall.😏👍🏻 

This is a look I did based on Glam and Gore’s tutorial.

As far as the mentioned methods go, I went ahead and used the cotton and latex but, as you know, I have zero latex, so I used cotton and white glue instead.😀 


Which worked awesome!!

The thing I’d like to improve on most is my painting and coloring of makeups like this. I think this needed a lot more brown and dark red to get it to that charred level. But overall, not too bad. ☺️


Thoughts? I do hope we’re all enjoying my journey through special fx makeup lol.☺️💜





    • D’aww, thank you!! ☺️💜😁 I’m still learning but I’m glad this has some semblance of what it’s supposed to be!! ☺️👍🏻


    • Right?!?😆 I discovered her recently and I just can’t get enough of her videos!! I’ve watched a couple a few times now to memorize stuff she does lol. ☺️💜

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      • You’re welcome! 🙂 Me too, she’s one of my fave makeup artists on YouTube.

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      • ☺️💜She’s awesome, Beeisforbeeauty does some great work as well! Not nearly as entertaining lol but still awesome stuff!
        Which other makeup artists do you follow on YouTube?😃

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      • I’m subscribed to her too! Courtney Little is really good (I just discovered her recently) Bonnie Corbon, Elliemacs, Madeyewlook and Sokolum97 are also amazing too!

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