After Midnight No. 7

So, I’m here getting caught up on Scream epis and I have to say, the plot is thickening! 😏πŸ”ͺ

So, far I’m really enjoying the series now, especially considering a few people have been knocked off and things are really hitting who-done-it pace! 

I honestly think the blogger/podcast lady is behind it in some way. I’m watching the new epi and…


Even though Will was shived by the masked murderer and kidnapped with blogger lady there, I think she still has had something to do with it. Completely possible considering how the movies played out with their false leads and shit. ☺️ until she dies, I’m not convinced it’s not her.

Again, still watching the epi so she could get scragged before the night is through and I’ll be out of ideas once again lol.

So, are any of you watching this show as well? Thoughts? Who do you think the killer is?!




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