Sweet Spooks: ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’ SFX Makeup

This will probably be the last SpecialFX makeup I do this week as I’m breaking out a little from the scrubbing that goes on afterwards lol.☺️ I have sensitive skin as is, so I’m going to give it a little rest to recover.😁👍🏻

Backstory on ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’: This girl is a work in progress and just needs someone to… finish her.😶 As for the name, I immediately thought In This Moment’s Bloody Creature Poster Girl was fitting!😀

After my second attempt at burns, I got to thinking of different looks I could create and what else I could try my hand at (mainly for my own amusement, partly because I love reading your reactions to my SFX tests).💜

I came up with this look after thinking about what objects I could use in a makeup.


I know a lot of makeup artists have used bottles and cans or small blunt objects in their makeups, but I kind of wanted to do something different.😌


I really wanted the objects in my makeup to have a practical purpose…😏

It really doesn’t get anymore practical than using pushpins to keep your eyes in place!☺️


This makeup took 3 hours to complete mainly because of all the drying needed for the paper pieces.😒 I also had to take my time with painting everything as wet foundation makes white glue disobey.😑

Overall, this was a lot more gruesome than I had originally intended for it to be lol!😍


😶I just want someone to finish me. Tonight's adventure brought me back to paper but I wanted to test out incorporating more objects! 😀 by far the most #dangerous #makeup I've attempted yet lol. Yes, those are real #pushpins and that's a real needle hanging from the stitches. I will say that it's really hard to work with #elmersglue and #thumbtacks as it doesn't dry as fast as it needs to. Also, I need to move onto #liquidlatex in order to really be able to hide edges without worrying about them peeling up. 😔 this was a good test run though! I like the #depraved direction #sfx makeup is taking me haha. ☺️ I'll try this again in the future probably using wax or putty as the seams would probably be so much cleaner… Or actual latex… That would be good too. ☺️👍🏻 #halloween #horror #cosmetics #gore #goreporn #specialfx #specialeffects #diy #clinique #ELFcosmetics #wetnwild #scary

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I really liked the way the pins, stitches and hanging needle looked but the seams of the paper around the eyes were a mess that I wish could have looked more flush with my skin.😒

I really think it may be time for me to consider moving on to liquid latex and scar wax. Latex just works better to hide edges and drys so much faster and scar wax would be perfect for cleaning up this kind of look and making it more fleshy without sacrificing any dimension or depth!☺️

So, what do you think of my Bloody Creature Poster Girl?! ☺️Gross enough? I need ideas for future looks to attempt! If you have any, feel free to share and I’ll make a comprehensive list! Love you all.💜





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