Halloween Haunting 101: ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Bingo (Download Available!) 

Well, I mentioned in one of my last posts that I was considering revisiting my Scavenger Hunt stuff as I just wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do the elaborate version I originally thought up. 

So! ☺️

I came up with something different. 

I felt that if I couldn’t do the Scavenger Hunt I wanted I wasn’t going to do one at all. I also really kinda wanted to do a game of Bingo but never picked up a set this year, so I came up with my own.☺️ One that somewhat combines the scavenging of a Scavenger Hunt and the game aspect of bingo! 

Behold: “Trick ‘r Treat” Bingo!😆🎃


Last night I worked on putting this game together (the above is a mockup for display purposes as I didn’t want my guests to see the squares yet 😏). It works like bingo where players need to get a row, corners, or clear the card entirely to win. The players must watch the movie and mark their squares as scenes that match their squares come up. ☺️🎃 

My game set has 4 different cards available and three ways to win! 🎉👻🎉🎃 if there’s a tie in the end for the big prize, I’ll do some movie trivia as Trick ‘r Treat is one of my favorites ever! 

Now, because I’m a nice person and I like you all, 💜🎃💜 I’m making this game available for free download! 😀🎉🎃 You can get a PDF of all the cards, ready to print, at my Dropbox link below. ☺️💜


Are you going to play this for Halloween or before Halloween? What do you think of the idea? What other movies would you like to see this bingo game created for? 👻





    • Aw, it’s my pleasure!! ☺️🎃💜💜
      Oh! And I got our email! I will let you pick any of my posts to use for the party! You could even share this one as it has the freebie in it! ☺️💜🎃🎃⚰🎉💜


    • Hey there! Which photo? Any photos in this blog post is copyrighted originally by Warner as they’re stills from the film Trick ‘r Treat


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