Halloween Haunting 101: ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Bingo (Download Available!) 

Well, I mentioned in one of my last posts that I was considering revisiting my Scavenger Hunt stuff as I just wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do the elaborate version I originally thought up. 

So! ☺️

I came up with something different. 

I felt that if I couldn’t do the Scavenger Hunt I wanted I wasn’t going to do one at all. I also really kinda wanted to do a game of Bingo but never picked up a set this year, so I came up with my own.☺️ One that somewhat combines the scavenging of a Scavenger Hunt and the game aspect of bingo! 

Behold: “Trick ‘r Treat” Bingo!😆🎃


Last night I worked on putting this game together (the above is a mockup for display purposes as I didn’t want my guests to see the squares yet 😏). It works like bingo where players need to get a row, corners, or clear the card entirely to win. The players must watch the movie and mark their squares as scenes that match their squares come up. ☺️🎃 

My game set has 4 different cards available and three ways to win! 🎉👻🎉🎃 if there’s a tie in the end for the big prize, I’ll do some movie trivia as Trick ‘r Treat is one of my favorites ever! 

Now, because I’m a nice person and I like you all, 💜🎃💜 I’m making this game available for free download! 😀🎉🎃 You can get a PDF of all the cards, ready to print, at my Dropbox link below. ☺️💜


Are you going to play this for Halloween or before Halloween? What do you think of the idea? What other movies would you like to see this bingo game created for? 👻



Scream Saturday & Sweet Spooks

I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!☺️

Scream Saturday is about to commence!😆


I’m excited!🎉

I also bought a bunch of libation things… ☺️


So, speaking of libations (and in the meantime), I thought I’d share some info on this piece I worked on a few weeks ago… When I was drunk.

Lol ☺️ this mask will maybe be used in a near-future makeup! I used a special wax that I may talk about more soon once I know how reliable it is. 😀

So what do you all think? What are you doing this weekend? Watching any Wes Craven tonight? ☺️💜



‘It’s a Scream, Baby!’

So! I’ll be alone this weekend and I planned to test the sin factor a little.

☺️ Tomorrow I’ll be hosting this:

Seems fitting under the circumstances…


I don’t plan to have too many people over at all, but I still made up this awesome Scream drinking game! 


This is guaranteed to get you wasted. 😏👍🏻 Best not to be on the lam from any psycho killers while playing! ☺️🔪

Save it and partake in your own Scream Saturday! 

Send me your photos of such debauchery and I’ll feature them here on Vespertine House! 😀💜

What’re you guys up to this weekend? What’s your fave quote/scene from Scream?



That’s a Wrap: Farewell, Wes Craven

Earlier this evening I scrolled through Facebook, flinching every time a MTV Video Music Award article appeared. As I gave up looking for actual news updates, I clicked on the icon that appeared showing that new stories had trickled in. Before leaving my app and closing my folio, I glanced and saw the headlines:

Wes Craven, Horror Movie Maestro, Dies at 76

The steady flow of air in my lungs was suddenly interrupted and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe it.

I still can’t believe it.


Wes Craven’s passing this evening has left me purely saddened. It’s the very same melancholy haze that lingers when you lose someone you love.

I have no connection to Wes Craven- we’ve never even met- but I can’t help but feel heartbroken over his passing as he had such a profound impact on my life.

Wes Craven created some of the things that make me happiest today, and he is solely responsible for my love of horror films.

His signature style can be distinguished immediately in all his films. He was edgy, cool, and had such a polished aesthetic that every up-and-coming director could learn from. Scream was my first romantic spree with genuine horror and it was Craven’s lasting impression that still resonates with me, and so many others, today.


The horror community will have a dismal day as they say farewell to a seminal cinematic figure.

In light of this, I do hope that you find the time to read about the great Wes Craven or watch one of his many classic films. I really think he would love knowing that our send off to him comes in the form of us experiencing the thrills he so beautifully orchestrated on the silver screen for so many years.💜

Thank you, Wes, for all the nightmares and screams you shared with us. You’ll be missed.




Friday Night Frights: Splatter Movies & Babysitting

That headline pretty much sums up my night.☺️

I spent the evening babysitting my two nephews once again, because I really don’t have a bustling social life in general.😁

The littlest slept, the other went about his business watching videos in his room.☺️

I had the run of the living room, and thus watched a series of wonderful slashers. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Halloween: H20

And last, but definitely not least,



What I love about the latter two films is how many great nods to Kev Williamsons other works there is. Many subtle parallels in H20 especially. I love it. 💜

With that said, I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of just about everything  Williamson has had a hand in.

Yes, including The Vampire Diaries (although not my absolute favorite of his repertoire). 

He’s responsible for my love of horror as it all began with Scream 2 and The Faculty when I was just a niblet. 💜

So, I have to ask, who’s your fave screenwriter, producer and/or director? Who’s work in film has had the biggest impact on your taste in film? Leave your thoughts in the comments- I’m dying to know.😏🔪

As for now, this impromptu babysitter is going to drink and watch whatever slasher I can paw at first from my collection.☺️🔪



Blood Bath: World’s First ‘Blood Rave’ to Commence This Halloween

Nope, you did not misread that.

According to all freaky deaky news sources out there, Amsterdam will be home to the world’s first ‘Blood Rave’.😐

Now, I know you find yourself asking what the fuck this even means, so I’ll go ahead and illustrate it in Sarah-Terms☺️:

So… did you ever see that shitty movie about the Vampire hunter who was also a Vampire, but like… if Neo from the Matrix could be a Vampire? It had lots of techno music and Wesley Snipes– Yeah, Blade! That’s it.☺️ Well.. shit’s gonna be like that scene in the beginning.

According to what reputable news sources I’ve read, the blood rave will take place this Halloween and has been deemed 2legit2quit 😏by the Facebook Event page created in its honor.

Thanks for the sarcasm, Blade, this post was missing it.

Thanks for the sarcasm, Blade, this post was missing it.

Now, I typically would absolutely condone this sort of thing and join in myself, as I like blood as much as the next girl, ☺️but this seems like a festering, breeding and feeding ground for vampires, in which case, I’m scared and I’m out.😟 What I also appreciate about this is how low key the promoters are being, they have maintained their anonymity throughout all the press on this because of the sensitive nature of the event.😐

Also, no confirmed word on whether or not real blood will be used, but aforementioned shady promoters are “hoping” they can get a very large supply of the real deal as the sprinkler system they designed for the event has been  tested with a substance that simulates the real stuff.😐

I’m sorry but that has bright red “Vampire” flags all over it.😒

Blade and I are on the same page when it comes to our disdain for vampires... ...I'm a lot less violent though.

Blade and I are on the same page when it comes to our disdain for vampires…
…I’m a lot less violent though.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Would you like to go to a rave to be doused in gallons of blood and made a Snack Pack for vampires that are waiting in the wings? Would you want to see something like this go on Stateside or in your area?☺️



After Midnight No. 8

I’m coming to realize I have some serious sleep issues, even though when I mentioned it this evening there was zero shock about that and more astoundment about me not realizing it until now lol. 😂

I just took my sleepy aid and should start drifting soon, but before I do, I wanted to do an After Midnight post since I haven’t in a while. ☺️


I typically keep these kinda creepy, but I think tonight’s will be a bit more lighthearted but completely wow-worthy.🎉

Have you watched Kung Fury yet? 😃

If you haven’t then you’re in luck because it’s a-coming in this post!😆🎉

Kung Fury is this crazy movie that was Kickstarted sometime last year I believe. I can’t even describe the premise because the whole thing is way too batshit to try to make sense of. 😂 But! If you like action, dinosaurs, explosions, crappy 80’s films, time travel, and have 30 minutes to kill, then give Kung Fury a shot! 😁

I hope you all have a great night! I have a few updates that I’ll try to get to tomorrow! 💜

What did you think of it? Did it blow your mind in an unusually satisfying way? 😂☺️💜