Halloween Haunting 101: DIY Halloween Plaques

Good evening, Housemates!

I’ve been quite occupied with fun Halloween craft projects the last couple weeks- one of which I wanted to share with you guys here!

So, the wheels have been turning for the party as I shared in one of my last posts. I decided that this year, it’d be fantastic if I made my own trophies for the costume contest. Now, i’ve done gift baskets before, small plastic trophies, gift bags, etc etc. This year I wanted to try something different.

I always worry that once someone gets their costume contest prize home, it ends up trashed or lost amongst a box of random junk. Yes.. insert sad, sad whimpers here.

This year, I thought I’d make it more interesting. What better way to celebrate your costume prowess than with a “plaque” that you can hang on your wall all year round?!

I came up with the idea to use canvas and certain items to create three-dimensional award plaques! Not only was this super easy to execute, but I think it will be immensely effective once completed and presented.

I know that if it were me, this shit would be up on display all year round!

Photo Oct 08.jpegNow, mind that these are still being completed. The basic concept is what we’re talking about right now, and how you want to proceed beyond this starting point is up to you and your lovely imagination! πŸ™‚

Also don’t limit yourself to making plaques for a party- you could definitely just make these for some flair in your favorite room of the house!

You don’t need much to start…

Photo Oct 07.jpeg

  • Glue gun or other industrial strength glue (this glue gun has Gorilla Glue cartridges- real deal, man!)
  • Craft Paint- colors of your choosing!
  • Brushes- duh.
  • White canvas- I went with a medium sized canvas but you could go bigger or smaller depending on what prop you’re mounting.
  • Plaque shaped apliques – this is optional and I ended up holding on using mine until I finish everything.
  • Statement prop – Pick a prop any prop! In this case I used several masks, a rubber knife, and the Freddy glove.

Start with some paint…

Photo Oct 07-1.jpegPaint up your canvas with a few layers of the color of your choice. The Michael Myers one is going to be black and orange vertical stripes. I worked on three different canvases at once to try to get as much finished in one night. πŸ˜€

Place your prop!

Photo Oct 08-1.jpegThis particular canvas I wanted to mount a Freddy glove. I initially wanted it to have the hand dead center with the fingers slightly fanned, however, I’d have to stuff the shit out of the glove and try to place it just right. Not gonna happen. So I vouched for making it look as if the hand was raking over the canvas.

Photo Oct 08-2.jpeg

I angled the glove over the edge and staged the fingers to see if it would look effective if I started gluing things down. The biggest issue was adding dimension to the fabric part of the glove as it looked so very stupid laying flat.

I used the carton for which the glove came in and cut a strip of cardboard off the top. I then curled it and sized it to the wrist of the glove, gluing the cardboard together, and slipping it in place. I then let the glove open folded the bottom edge over the edge of the canvas, adjusting the length so that there was so slack at eye level. Once that piece was glued to the lip of the canvas, I pinched together the excess and sides and pulled them back over the lip as well to glue the glove shut. Once together, I adjusted the cardboard accordingly.

It was a lot but hey, it was well worth the few minutes it took to get everything just right!

Photo Oct 08-4.jpeg

From there I propped up the fingers and staged them in a way that worked for me. You can certainly bend and spread these puppies any which way you like!

Taking a glue gun, I carefully glued the tip of each blade down.

Now in most glue projects, all that excess lumpage surrounding the tips of the blades would look totally fucked up. In this case, you can use all the glue you want and make it work to your advantage.

Paint some details…

Photo Oct 08-5.jpeg

The best comes after you finish gluing all the shit down. I used a bit of red paint to make it look like this glove had raked across the canvas and was creeping back up over the edge. This is where your glue job comes in handy. The more blobby dimension you add the more it will look as though your blades are embedded in the canvas like flesh. Blend out your edges with a toothpick or brush before allowing to dry.

Once finished, hit this with as much gore as you’d like! I used a darker red and a bright red to add a little bit of dimension. You can also put some paint down and drag some sloppy hot glue over it, pulling a toothpick through after wards to create a really fun 3D effect. Follow that with some more red paint and you, my dear, have quite the masterpiece on your hands!

Finishing touches…

I found small paper placeholder shaped tags at Michael’s and used them to create the award plaques at the bottom of each focal object. Voila! You’re done and your party guests have a trophy they can proudly hang in their house all year long!


So, tell me: Is this a project you’re going to do for your party or for your favorite room in the house?? What titles would Β you crown with these plaques at your party?? Sound off in the comments.Β 

Until next time!



Sweet Spooks: “Plagued Doctor” SFX MakeupΒ 

I have had the strangest bit of luck as of late. 😳 

First my knee gets smashed, and tonight I stepped outside for a few minutes only to have my foot stung by a very hateful bee! 

A bee! 🐝 

The only stinging creature I go out of my way to protect! 😦

It was my first bee sting! I’ve been stung by wasps but this was new. Suffice it to say, my left foot is swollen and my right knee is still healing. πŸ˜”

On the upside! I was able to do a new makeup inspired by the swollen little welt on top of my foot. ☺️

I imagine being a plague Doctor has its disadvantages… πŸ’€

Catching the plague for one.☺️

This was a complete mess to put together and it really looked pretty gross by the end. I wish the wax had behaved better as I would have been able to paint the buboes a deeper black and feathered it out more. 

I used actual black slime for the drippy bits you see and for the black drippy bits on the mask. I made the mask myself with a blank plague Doctor mask from the craft store, some safety pins, and liquid latex as glue. ☺️

End result was good, and had I used more wax to make more blisters, I’m sure this would have been ultra disgusting! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ’€

Overall, only an hour of work and super simple to throw together. ☺️

So, what do you think? Gross? Effective? I do love your comments. πŸ’œ also, I’m currently trying to come up with new ideas for makeup. I’m all ears if you’d like to tell me about what spooks you… β˜ΊοΈπŸŽƒπŸ’€πŸ’œ



Things You Should Definitely, Absolutely, Never, Ever Do: ‘Come on, It’s Just a Kid’s Game’

So, I mentioned in my earlier post that sleeping has been shitty for me as of late. The last two weeks have been tumultuous to say the least and as I finally get into a normal sleep regimen, my body feels somewhat sick. I’ve had a reoccurring headache the last three days and have been averaging 5 hours a night (which is actually a huge improvement from what my sleep schedule looked like this past month lol).

Suffice it to say my more negative, stressful dreams have been surfacing and last night’s was a reoccurring one that leaves me melancholy for a good while during the day.

This particular dream has to do with me forgetting that it’s Halloween and I scramble at last minute to put something together before I miss the holiday entirely. Usually it ends up where I just don’t make it, and by the time I have decorations up and things together, it’s the middle of the night and the holiday is virtually over. Which, if you’ve been reading my blog, would make me extremely sad lol.

So, I woke up around 5.30AM, after 4 hours of sleep and stayed awake thinking of this year’s haunting season; contemplating climbing out of bed to do ridiculous Halloween-related tasks!

Did I mention I’m completely batshit crazy? No? Well… there you go.

While thinking things over, I started contemplating dares for this year’s scavenger hunt that I talked about in an earlier post and got to thinking of things that we all did as kids.

…People dying, children crying…

We’re all pretty familiar with those silly slumber party games, you know… “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board”, Bloody Mary, the classic bedroom seances etc.

But there are quite a few obscure ones that aren’t entirely familiar to everyone. For instance, I don’t know if any of you remember a game called Concentrate, Concentrate….

No? Well then, sit back while I take you on a short trip down Memory Lane.

Memory Lane? Playa please, my memories live on Fear Street.

Memory Lane? Playa’ please, my memories live on Fear Street.

When I was in 6th grade we would play this “Concentrate, Concentrate” game all the time. One of my classmates taught it to us, and I remember playing it with all the neighborhood kids after eventually teaching it to them.

Kids: The original guerrilla marketers.

Kids: The original guerrilla marketers.

It was one of those nursery rhyme type of things (think Ring Around the Rosie) that involved two people- a singer (or in this case a creepy chanter) and the participant who’s soul is being tampered with.

"Ray! Ray... You're chanting.."

“Ray! Ray… You’re chanting..”

Child’s play, except for the fact that it’s entirely morbid and I can’t fucking believe I ever thought it was fun and normal when I was little. The victim– i mean, participant would close their eyes while the chanter worked their magic (pun entirely intended):

Concentrate, concentrate,
People dying, children crying,
Concentrate, concentrate,
People dying, children crying.

Crack an egg on your head, let the yolk run down (2x)

[Repeat “concentrate…” part]

Squeeze an orange on your shoulders, let the juice run down (2x)

[Repeat “Concentrate…”]

Spiders crawling up your back,
bite, bite, bite, bite
Let the blood run down,
Let the bloodΒ  run down.

[Repeat “Concentrate…” part]

You’re at the top of the Empire state building, someone taps you on your shoulder, you look- no one’s there, someone taps you on your other shoulder- you look no one’s there and then- !!

Throughout the whole thing the chanter, singing this adorable song-of-satan, provides accompanying hand motions. For instance, during the main “Concentrate…” verse, the chanter drums lightly on the person’s back, for the egg part the chanter balls up a fist and claps it against their other hand above the person’s head and then drags their fingers softly over their hair and down their back, twist motions on the shoulder and fingers drag down the back for oranges, and spiders? Crawly fingers up the back, pokey fingers into the person for the bitey-bitey, and draggy fingers for the blood… duh.


Yeah, it’s morbid. During the last verse of this game, the chanter proceeds to tap on the person’s shoulders and then push them suddenly and ask what color they saw before opening their eyes.

The color thing and purpose of this game? To determine how you will die.

I don't care what anyone says, kids are creepy.

I don’t care what anyone says, kids are creepy.

I did some research and was relieved to see that I wasn’t the only creep playing this as a kid and that a ton of people- far and wide- had played their own variants of the game. What was interesting about what I found was that mostly only girls played this and the meaning of the colors seemed to differ here and there.

Allow me to correct my previous statement, ahem: I don't care what anyone says, little girls are creepy.

Allow me to correct my previous statement, ahem:
I don’t care what anyone says, little girls are creepy.

Now, after thinking of particular party games that were commonly used to scare us when we were little, I found myself looking for others and stumbled upon a rather terrifying Subreddit.

Have you heard about the Three Kings ritual? No? Well,Β  you’re in luck because I’m about to spook the snot out of you!


Three Kings

Among the many disturbing “rituals” and “dares” I found online, this particular one really stood out, mainly because of the way the original poster labeled it.

Well... I mean... how can you NOT after reading that?!

Well… I mean… how can you NOT after reading that?!

This post on Reddit was really unsettling and apparently so popular there’s an entire subreddit devoted to this particular game and others like it. I won’t rehash the whole thing because you can read all about it here, but I will share the gist of it all.

This is a game (we’re going to go ahead and use that term loosely in this post) that is played using two mirrors, three chairs, a candle, an item of personal sentimental significance, and a dark room. The person who originally wrote the post with the instructions also insisted that any partakers also have a fan in the room, a fully charged cell phone, a bucket of water, and a trustworthy companion around… just in case shit hits the fan.

Ominous, no?

Apparently, this game is played alone at 3.30AM in a completely blackened room. The “throne” (which is the chair the participant sits in) faces north and the other two face the opposite directions on either side of the participant’s chair. The two large mirrors are placed in front of each opposing chair, the fan is a few feet behind the participants chair (set to medium-low speed), and the bucket of water is placed a few feet in front of the participant.

Apparently, you set this freaky shit up, black out your windows, leave the fan on and door open to the room and then go about your business/sleep before game time. Set an alarm, wake up at 3.30AM and get to the room and seated with your significant item and lit candle on your lap by 3.33AM.

The original poster stressed the importance of a few things:

“Check for potential red flags: if your cellphone didn’t charge for whatever reason, abort the mission. If the alarm didn’t go off exactly at 3:30 AM, abort the mission. If you find the dark room door closed (remember you left it open) abort the mission. If the fan is turned off (you left it on) abort the mission. (Side note: if you have to abort the mission due to any of the above, leave the house with your loved one. Go to a hotel or something. There’s no need to run; you have time to grab a jacket and your keys and what not, but leave. After 6 AM the coast should be clear.)”

I... I can't even right now.

I… I can’t even right now.

According to the instructions, you sit down for an hour and let the magic happen… whatever magic that is… I dunno. The original poster also stressed how important it is to never, ever look at the mirrors or candle. And that you just need to face forward and stare straight on. At 4.34AM your trustworthy companion is supposed to call your phone to let you know when it’s all over, if that doesn’t work they need to go in the room and call your name, if still you don’t respond because you’re drooling like a baby completely comatose, they’re supposed to poor the water over you. Original poster also stresses that the other person should never touch you when trying toΒ bring you back.

Yeah. You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

Now, do with all that what you will, and I’m not entirely convinced of the legitimacy of this game and it’s repercussions. However, the experiences some people on Reddit have reported were creepy enough on their own without even knowing the details of this fun little game.

I will say that the ingredients in this nefarious recipe are more than enough to keep me far, far away from any attempt at this shit.


For one, I’m Nyctophobic meaning I don’t do shit in the dark. I sleep with a nightlight and it’s been that way for years.

Yes, I’m completely content with being a fraidy cat.

Also, I don’t really find mirrors to be the most comforting of objects. I’m not terrified of them or superstitious but they can give off an unsettling vibe in certain settings.

If all that wasn’t enough to deter me, the whole sitting alone in sheer darkness for an hour… I can’t even.

I’m not entirely sure what goes on during that hour, or if it’s worldly or otherworldly, but I do know that such an experience would have some sort of lasting effect on a person. Whether it can be explained by science and psychology or not, I won’t be trying that type of shit in this lifetime and I certainly will never subject anyone else to such a thing.


So, what do you guys think of all that? Would you be brave enough to try a dare like Three Kings, or are you more partial to something like “Concentrate, Concentrate”? Honestly… i think the latter’s about my speed… and I mean like…maximum speed.


Halloween SoirΓ©es 101: The Effectiveness of a Scavenger Hunt

Every year I spend a lot of time from August through October planning the big annual Halloween party.πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒ

It’s thee greatest party ever! And I always put a lot of thought into themes and nitty gritty details, because that’s just what I do. ☺️

Anyways, this year I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do, and instead of our traditional party with the games and contests, I want to really give my guests an experience. 😏

Each Halloween we have a scavenger hunt at some point during our party. Over the years my scavenger hunts have become more elaborate and clever. Typically most people really have a blast with it and love the game, but, as with anything, lots of people get upset that it’s too hard or too easy or something along those lines.πŸ˜’

There’s no pleasing everyone and it’s a real thorn in my side sometimes as I put so much effort into the riddles and clues and layout etc. πŸ˜”

So! This year! As a way to prevent such discrepancies and get my jollies on torturing my guests 😏πŸ”ͺ, I’ve got a very interesting scheme brewing in my brain. 😏


This year’s plan: This year’s party will center around a very large and intense scavenger hunt. 😁

This scavenger hunt will more or less involve puzzles, riddles and dares that must be completed accurately in order to win. The first team that completes everything correctly will win.

Thing to note for this scavenger hunt:

  • All participants must be in a team.
  • At least one player should have their cell phone on them.
  • Players must collect all clues in order to win.

This year, instead of a clue list I’m going to provide all the clues via phone numbers. A player must call and listen to the voice greeting in order to retrieve the clue. This particular scavenger hunt will not be limited to our home either, I’m going to set this up as a walk through the entire neighborhood.Β 

One element that I hope I can incorporate areΒ dares. πŸŽƒ

Let it be known that I live in a relatively normal neighborhood, however, there are plenty of abnormal things that have happened. For one, the house next door is abandoned. The man who lived there previously was very cranky and died in the home, where no one found him until the neighborhood started to smell. 😐

Spooky I know.

Creepy back door. We boarded it up after some hoodlums busted in one night. Suffice it to say the boards are barely holding on and rotting off. Creepy, no? ☺️

Creepy back door. We boarded it up after some hoodlums busted in one night. Suffice it to say the boards are barely holding on and rotting off. Creepy, no? ☺️

The house is creepy and run down and has lots of potential for serious spooks.β˜ΊοΈπŸŽƒ

I plan on using that area and a roadside memorial area for the dares. These dares would include sending one team member to the site to have a 5 minute EVP session or playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom of the house etc. 😏

Yes, I’m a very dark and twisted individual. ☺️πŸ”ͺ

The thing I love about doing scavenger hunts is how easy it is to get people excited about them. More than likely your guests will totally be down to scavenge just for the fun of it. Adding a small incentive like a plastic trophy, ribbon, or goodie bag will definitely draw them in.

This year, I think I’ll make the prize a big bucket of candy with cans/bottles of beer or liquor thrown in. The team who wins can divide it amongst themselves as they see fit. ☺️

The beauty about this year’s elaborate concept is the fact that setting it up is completely free! Even the phone numbers can be set up for free through Google voice. πŸ˜†πŸŽ‰

Scavenger hunts are just a great way to get everyone involved and having fun with each other. πŸ’œ I really think, if I have the time to plan, and the run-through goes okay, I can really give my guests an experience they’ll remember. β˜ΊοΈπŸŽƒπŸŽ‰πŸ’œ

So! I wish I could give you all the full rundown of how I hope to plan this out but I’ll hold off so no one finds out all my secrets this year. πŸ˜‰

So what do you guys think of this idea? Do you want me to make some of my previous games from years past available here for your haunting season party planning inspiration?! πŸ˜ƒπŸŽƒ



After Midnight No. 5

I fell asleep and woke up so disoriented about what day and time it was.

That’s how you know it’s a good nap.😏

Anyways, I spent some time on Pinterest looking at some of my boards and I had forgotten that I pinned this beauty.

Yes, that’s a vampire slaying kit from back in the day (although there’s always a chance this is a really amazing reproduction) and I need it! ☺️


Fun Fact: I am sanguivoriphobic, meaning I’m afraid of vampires. This fear stems from an amazing, obscure book I read called Vampires Are, by the late Dr. Stephen Kaplan.

Truth be told, I’ve always loved Cryptozoology, but I have a pretty sound interest in Vampirology. When possible I read as much on the subject as I can and have gathered a nice little library from it. ☺️


In other news, I also saw this on Pinterest and swooned a little. I think I might put one of these together to send to my Godfather up north. ☺️


I’m also considering maybe putting one together to send to one of my subscribers here on WordPress!

What do you guys think? Would it be neat to get one of these adorable countdown boxes?

I love you, and I hope you subscribe, so I can subscribe and stalk all your posts.❀️πŸ”ͺ😏



After Midnight

So, typically after midnight I do a few things before eventually making it to bed. 

  1. Listen to music
  2. Watch Night Gallery
  3. Workout

Sometimes (like…all of this week ☺️ hey, I blame the upcoming full moon) I get caught up or feel too drained to workout and end up spending the evening watching Over Nightmares on MeTV (I love MeTV btw) and listening to music. 

I typically listen to a bit of everything but I really gravitate towards Industrial. I LOVE Military EBM and Noise! It soothes my dark little heart in a special way. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™

Anyways, one of my favorite bands is Terrorfakt and I seriously can’t stop listening to the Teeth Grinder album. If you like noise and EBM, or you have no clue and want to check it out, I highly recommend Terrorfakt as a starting point. Fantastic stuff. πŸ’™

When I finally do get to bed I usually stay up watching creepy videos on YouTube. Some of my favorites come from Lazy Masquerade who reads creepy true stories submitted by subscribers, and  others found on the “Let’s not meet” thread on Reddit. I ended up subscribing a few months ago and I typically binge watch his videos until 5AM on the weekends! Love it! 😏 

This video about creepy obsessed stalkers was really great nightmare fuel. Then again, I have a soft spot in my heart for creepy stalkers. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™πŸ”ͺ

Enjoy and let me know how your night was!  



No. 1

The macabre, dark, deviant and strange are words that categorize the most interesting and beautiful things in this universe. Fact. 

I think a lot of people would agree with that. 

Hi there! I’m Sarah and I have a taste for darker, stranger things. Shamelessly. 😁 I’m bringing this blog to you as a way to share my creepy finds and interests with a wider range of people. As far as tastes go, you can often find me researching something strange or making plans for Halloween. 

Yes, regardless of the month or season, I’m nearly always planning for Halloween. ☺️

I want to use this space on the interweb to not only share the things I love but also keep a personal record for future reference. I’m a bit forgetful. 😏

So, to make this quick, here are a few things that you’re guaranteed to see here at some point:

  • Product reviews! (Seasonal Halloween products, makeup, jewelry, services etc!)
  • Top pick lists (oh, I love lists- they’re simple and fun!)
  • Tutorials (I create a lot of things for Halloween parties and just to satisfy my own dark little cravings; I’ll try to share these with you ☺️)
  • Fashion, Art, News & more! (Huzzah! πŸ˜†)

With that said, I hope you’ll stick around and join the conversation! I really look forward to meeting like-minded creepers and can’t wait to pick your brain! Literally…


But really… 😏πŸ”ͺ