Halloween Haunting 101: ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Bingo (Download Available!) 

Well, I mentioned in one of my last posts that I was considering revisiting my Scavenger Hunt stuff as I just wasn’t sure if I’d have time to do the elaborate version I originally thought up. 

So! ☺️

I came up with something different. 

I felt that if I couldn’t do the Scavenger Hunt I wanted I wasn’t going to do one at all. I also really kinda wanted to do a game of Bingo but never picked up a set this year, so I came up with my own.☺️ One that somewhat combines the scavenging of a Scavenger Hunt and the game aspect of bingo! 

Behold: “Trick ‘r Treat” Bingo!😆🎃


Last night I worked on putting this game together (the above is a mockup for display purposes as I didn’t want my guests to see the squares yet 😏). It works like bingo where players need to get a row, corners, or clear the card entirely to win. The players must watch the movie and mark their squares as scenes that match their squares come up. ☺️🎃 

My game set has 4 different cards available and three ways to win! 🎉👻🎉🎃 if there’s a tie in the end for the big prize, I’ll do some movie trivia as Trick ‘r Treat is one of my favorites ever! 

Now, because I’m a nice person and I like you all, 💜🎃💜 I’m making this game available for free download! 😀🎉🎃 You can get a PDF of all the cards, ready to print, at my Dropbox link below. ☺️💜


Are you going to play this for Halloween or before Halloween? What do you think of the idea? What other movies would you like to see this bingo game created for? 👻



Sweet Spooks: ‘The Purge’ SFX Tutorial Success

I have been wanting to delve into my makeup all week, but was just a bit too busy.

But last night! Last night was another story!☺️😏

I got home, crashed, woke up, made two pumpkin cookie cakes for my parents and my sister, and a big batch of sugar cookies that I decorated for a friend I’ll be seeing tomorrow. ☺️ 

I do so love baking.💜🎃💜

So! After that, I sat and watched Halloweentown with Frankenstein.🐶💜 he loves that movie! ☺️

I decided that the night was young and I could manage to try a makeup before bed!😀🎉

Now, I went with an all makeup, zero practical effects, paint because I really truly want to improve my makeup and body paint skills. Right now I have zero in that department lol!😂 but, I’m making an effort to try from now on. 😌

Makeup blogger and overall awesome girl, MadeYewLook, has some of the most amazing body paint tutorials ever! 💜 She’s my body paint fave, the way Glam and Gore is my SFX fave.💜☺️

I decided to try her Purge mask makeup tutorial because it didn’t seem that difficult…

Holy shit bombs was I wrong, but the payoff was great😏🔪…


For an extremely intricate makeup that involved a lot of light-play, I think I did okay! I was shocked it came out remotely alright lol😂 

I seriously had to go through the process twice because everything just looked so muddled the first time. 😔 I tried to follow her steps to a tee, but they just weren’t applicable for what I was working with. 😒

I ended up kinda using my own freestyle method on the eyes to get the same effect she had in the end, and also used a darker rose colored lipstick with a light brown blush dusted on top to make the lips pop. ☺️

In the end, it looked fucking crazy lol but in a good way! 😆🎉🔪🎃I could definitely improve, and having a proper array of body paints and colors would most definitely help. ☺️👍🏻

I’ll need to have like a Go Fund Me or something to pay for that business. 😂☺️💜

All in all, pretty neat, yeah? 😀 Share your thoughts because I love you and love it when we talk! 💜

Til then… Let me purge? 🔪😀🔪




Happy October Eve!

It’s finally upon us! 😀🎉🎉

Tomorrow is the first day of October and thus Halloween isn’t too far behind!!! 


So, I figured I’d give you a few things to get in the spirit of the month here.

First of all!

I spent a good while compiling a list of thirty one Halloween themed films. Not all that easy when it got down to the wire… And I didn’t want to cop out and list every single Halloween film. ☺️

We’re above that here.🎃

Now, I have actually seen all of these films WITH THE EXCEPTION of All Hallow’s Eve. But, I liked the synopsis and I’m going to give it the old college try if you will. ☺️

Truth be told, I’m not in love with all of these films (coughHouseOf1000Corpsescough) 😒, but I recognize that they’re pretty popular and I won’t deny this list of popular titles. ☺️

It’s a good mix of horror and family friendly so dive in and enjoy! 💜🎃


I made a purchase last week. And I regret nothing. 

Bella Morta Jewelry is an awesome indie biz that specializes in custom and wonderful horror jewelry! They had a big sale and I snagged this Sam (Trick ‘r Treat) necklace and adorable “psycho” choker for just a couple buck$!! 

The selfies will come soon enough! 😀😏💜

I highly recommend checking out her store and doing some Halloween gift shopping! 🎃


I’m glowing over the positive feedback from my last SFX makeup! 💜☺️💜  you guys are the best and I can’t thank you enough for all the sharing and kind remarks! 💜☺️👏🏻

With that in mind, I plan on doing another makeup this weekend involving puzzle pieces.😏🔪👍🏻

So that’s all I got right now! Tell me: what are you looking forward to most this month? Which of the movies on my list are your faves? 💜



Ghastly Giveaway: Halloween Edition

So, I promised a little surprise in my next post! ☺️

And here it is! 🎉

It’s another giveaway! 😆🎃🎉

This time I’m giving away a small package of scar wax and the most adorable Ghostface pen in all the land! ☺️💜


I figured the wax might help a little with your creepy costume endeavors this haunting season and the pen just screams awesome! 😆

😏 See what I did there? 

Anyways, this contest will end on October 5th and is only open to U.S. residents (I’m sorry to my far away friends here 😔 it’s to ensure it arrives before the end of the month and shipping outside of the country is ridic 😢) . 

Here’s how it works:

  • You can participate via Instagram or your blog (if you don’t use Instagram)
  • Post a photo of your favorite Halloween related thing- it can be you in costume from a previous year, decor you have or want, a movie, candy, weather, photography- anything! 
  • Caption the photo with “My favorite thing about #Halloween is…” and give me your best answer! Make sure you hashtag with #VESPERTINEHOUSE so I can find your post! 
  • Same rules apply to blog posts, just tag your post with Vespertine House and link back to this post! ☺️
  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! I will pick my favorite post and announce the winner on the 5th!
  • BONUS: even if you don’t win, I will repost all entries on my personal Instagram and Facebook! ☺️ be sure to include your blog name or link if you want that shared! 

That’s it! Simple and fun! There’s always a chance I’ll throw more goodies in your package too 😏 who knows! ☺️💜 So, get to posting, people! 💜☺️

What do you guys think of this contest? Seem fun? 



Halloween Haunting 101: Prop Building for Beginners 

I’ve been swamped (as mentioned in my last post), currently I’m sitting here watching Night Gallery, covered in paint and black dye. 😔


The last few weeks have been spent working on my first attempts at prop building! 🎃🎉

I was really dead set on finally getting around to trying my hand at making my own spooky decor as I’ve always wanted to, and experience in prop building could prove useful in the future if I finally decide to pursue my dream of owning my own Haunted Attraction. ☺️😌💜

Fun Fact: My lifelong dream/goal is to open my own Haunted Theme park. There’d be haunted houses, cute Halloween villages, kiosks selling candy apples and pumpkin flavored everything, sfx artists doing face mangling, bars, and nightly shows, and parades! Think Disneyland but scary/horror/Halloween all year long!💜🎃💜

I feel as though this first attempt has been fairly successful! 

I carved out these stones in insulation foam and painted them with Rit Black Dye and light touches of grey spray paint. ☺️

 Overall, they weren’t too difficult, just time consuming. I also learned a lot about the properties of Rit Dye 😂 but, in the end I think it was worth it! 😌

I had remnants so I tried my hand at a tabletop Guillotine for our little visitors Halloween night! 😂🎃💜

I also decided to try making a few static standup props. 


These were harder as I had trouble stuffing and securing the clothes to the PVC frames. I feel like they would have been way better if I had longer fabric to work with and some Monster Mud to cover them. 😔 in the end, working with what I had and bought on the cheap seemed to still be effective! ☺️👍🏻

So! What’d you think? Which of these is your favorite? Tips? Ideas for this stuff? I’d love to hear! 💜



Scream Saturday & Sweet Spooks

I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!☺️

Scream Saturday is about to commence!😆


I’m excited!🎉

I also bought a bunch of libation things… ☺️


So, speaking of libations (and in the meantime), I thought I’d share some info on this piece I worked on a few weeks ago… When I was drunk.

Lol ☺️ this mask will maybe be used in a near-future makeup! I used a special wax that I may talk about more soon once I know how reliable it is. 😀

So what do you all think? What are you doing this weekend? Watching any Wes Craven tonight? ☺️💜



‘It’s a Scream, Baby!’

So! I’ll be alone this weekend and I planned to test the sin factor a little.

☺️ Tomorrow I’ll be hosting this:

Seems fitting under the circumstances…


I don’t plan to have too many people over at all, but I still made up this awesome Scream drinking game! 


This is guaranteed to get you wasted. 😏👍🏻 Best not to be on the lam from any psycho killers while playing! ☺️🔪

Save it and partake in your own Scream Saturday! 

Send me your photos of such debauchery and I’ll feature them here on Vespertine House! 😀💜

What’re you guys up to this weekend? What’s your fave quote/scene from Scream?