Friday Night Frights: Splatter Movies & Babysitting

That headline pretty much sums up my night.☺️

I spent the evening babysitting my two nephews once again, because I really don’t have a bustling social life in general.😁

The littlest slept, the other went about his business watching videos in his room.☺️

I had the run of the living room, and thus watched a series of wonderful slashers. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Halloween: H20

And last, but definitely not least,



What I love about the latter two films is how many great nods to Kev Williamsons other works there is. Many subtle parallels in H20 especially. I love it. πŸ’œ

With that said, I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of just about everything  Williamson has had a hand in.

Yes, including The Vampire Diaries (although not my absolute favorite of his repertoire). 

He’s responsible for my love of horror as it all began with Scream 2 and The Faculty when I was just a niblet. πŸ’œ

So, I have to ask, who’s your fave screenwriter, producer and/or director? Who’s work in film has had the biggest impact on your taste in film? Leave your thoughts in the comments- I’m dying to know.😏πŸ”ͺ

As for now, this impromptu babysitter is going to drink and watch whatever slasher I can paw at first from my collection.☺️πŸ”ͺ